One year later, new details surface in the death of Iowa County teen

IOWA COUNTY (WKOW) — Nearly a year after the suspicious death of a 13-year old girl in Iowa County, a source with knowledge of the teen’s living arrangement tells 27 News she was being cared for by a former Madison man through a church connection at the time of her death.

“He was fostering her through a church group,” the source tells 27 News.

The 47-year old man and his family were renting the nearly thirty-five acre property at 1049 Miller Road in the Town of Madison when the teenager died May 31, 2018.

The man continues to rent the property, which includes a house and a separate, smaller living quarters.

27 News both visited the property Wednesday and called the man to seek comment on his supervision of the child and the teenager’s death.  He has yet to respond to that visit and message for him, and the call.

A news release from the

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